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Decorative Window Film

50 Designs for Endless Possibilities – iLLusions Decorative Window Film

Is there an eyesore in your home or office you’d like to hide? Maybe a space that needs delineation or a sun-drenched room in need of solar protection?

One look at glass enhancement film from San Diego’s Eco Tint and Shade and you’ll know you’ve never seen a window tint quite like it! iLLusions decorative window film from LLumar addresses design challenges, exposing you to a new world of creativity and functionality.

Available in multiple colors and textures, it’s no wonder architects, interior designers, and home and business owners alike have made iLLusions their style must-have. More than providing aesthetic appeal, it can be applied to doors, windows, mirrors, partitions, and private spaces to diffuse focus or block light for a unique appearance.

Best of all, because it can easily be removed by one of our professionals, you can change your look to stay on top of the latest interior design trends.

Choose a Decorative Style That Expresses Your Personality

  • Colored Window Film – Mask light, add privacy and give a spark of color to any space. Designed primarily for interior application, colored window film is perfect for enhancing ambiance and creating definition within a large space.
  • Frosted Window Film – Focus, diffuse or block light. With frosted window film, the choice is yours, depending on the degree of privacy you require. Like etched glass, film is durable, but unlike etched glass, it offers versatility and flexibility that complements any space – and at a fraction of the cost!
  • Mirrored Window Film – Ensure privacy with one-way visibility through reflective film. Primarily used for commercial applications, it reduces the transmission of light – producing a mirror effect on the outside during the day and vice versa at night.

Explore the Eastman Decorative Window Film Visualizer

Create a one-of-a-kind conversation piece by adding decorative window film from Eco Tint and Shade to your residence or business.

All of our films are custom cut, spliced and finished to your specification, not only beautifying your space but also reducing the impact of heat and glare and saving you on energy costs.
Contact us today to see our full lineup of decorative film options or to receive your free estimate.

Other Window Film Applications for Commercial Properties: