Security Window Film

Security Film for Windows Prevents Shatters

Defend Against Disaster with Specialty Window Films

It’s human nature to want to protect against dangers. But you can’t always know when catastrophe will strike, like a vandal, theft, break-in, accident, or storm.

That’s where anti-graffiti and safety & security film come to the rescue. Safeguard everyone inside your Southern California home or office and prevent financial loss with Eco Tint and Shade’s industry-leading window film products.

Anti-Graffiti Window Film Protects from Vandals

No matter where you look in San Diego, you’ll find buildings with windows damaged by graffiti. In fact, in the U.S. alone, vandalism is a 12 billon dollar problem.

Avoid spending thousands in repair and replacements costs with anti-graffiti or sacrificial film from Eco Tint and Shade. Available in both 4- and 6-mil strengths, it provides an extra level of protection for your business – from sneeze guards and bus stop shelters to glasses surfaces and structures like doors and walls.

Anti-graffiti window film gives your windows a strong first line of defense against paint, gouging, scratching and even acid etching. More than that, if damage is done, it can easily be removed, graffiti and all. Once new film is applied, no one will ever know damage occurred!

Wonder whether you should consider sacrificial window film for your building? See its durability in action.

Safety & Security Window Film Is an Invisible Shield

Who would ever think a window film so thin that it’s unnoticeable could be depended on to protect some of the world’s most high-profile facilities, like the Vatican and Buckingham Palace? It’s true. With safety & security window film, you can rest assured your facility is protected – whether it’s a commercial office, hotel, school or university, government building, healthcare facility or the like.

Made of a clear, heavy-duty polyester compound, LLumar safety window tinting provides a thin, transparent barrier, holding glass in place and offering defense between you and whatever’s lurking outside. Think of it as additional insurance for your building’s windows!

Four to 8-mil strength safety & security films installed by the professionals at Eco Tint and Shade shield against:

  • Dangerous flying shards – One of the most deadly side effects from severe weather, accidents or blasts is the flying glass from broken windows. LLumar safety & security film holds your window in place, reducing the risk of personal injury and property damage from dangerous shards. Be sure to ask us about our bomb blast film, so strong it protects you and your property in the event of a major explosion!
  • Forced entry and theft – Unfortunately, smash-and-grab scenarios are becoming more prevalent nationwide and in San Diego. Deter thieves with our transparent safety film, which is extremely difficult to penetrate – even with a bat, hammer, or other tool or weapon.
  • Harmful UV rays – Eco Tint and Shade offers a variety of safety & security window films, many of which provide the added benefit of protection from harmful UV rays. Ask our experts for more details on window film that delivers the confidence you deserve.
    Not convinced of the power of safety & security window film? Check out how it’s stopping would-be thieves in their tracks.

With durable anti-graffiti and safety & security film, you can worry less about unexpected instances and focus on what matters most – your family and business.

Start deterring potential risks today. For your free estimate, contact Eco Tint and Shade.

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