5 Most Cost Effective Home Energy Updates — That Won’t Cost You Big $$$$’s

a-energy savingsWe all want to save money on our energy bills and be as energy efficient as possible. Here are some cost effective ways without spending a bundle and a large amount of time.

  1. Replace Those Old Light Bulbs! LEDs are all the rage and compact florescent lights use up to 75% less energy than traditional florescent lights. LEDs have come down in price and are worth a second look.
  2. Install Programmable Water Heater and Thermostat. Considering how much of our day is spent away from the home, you can regulate your heat or air conditioning with a programmable thermostat and cut down on energy waste. A water heater timer works on the same principle.
  3. Install Window Film. A third of energy is lost through the windows in your home. Many new homes have a large amount of windows and older windows in homes have no energy efficiency at all. Today’s window films stop this waste and can provide energy efficient solutions at a fraction of the cost of replacement windows. Window film can be installed yourself, or you can have a professional install film for you.
  4. Change Air Conditioning Filter. It sounds simple but not everyone thinks to change their filter on a regular basis—monthly during the summer. Dirty filters drastically lower your AC’s efficiency.
  5. Seal Your Home. Okay, I saved the worst for last. It may seem like a daunting task but the results are worth the time. Gaps and holes in your home’s exterior can account for severe energy waste. Caulk and weather stripping eliminate leaks from windows and doors and usually pays for itself in just one year!