How to Make Your Buildings Energy Efficient

 Window Tinting for energy efficient buildingsOver the past few years, the buzz-word “Going Green” has been everywhere. Now, various states are looking forward to sustainable and clean sources of energy, rather than relying on conventional source of energy that is fast depleting. California has also geared up to embrace the eco-friendly methods to attain the energy efficiency goals in the year 2014. From saving electricity to using less heat, everyone is helping to save the environment. However, saving electricity is not enough; taking weathering measures like window films and commercial window tinting are equally important. The industrial and commercial utilities need to adopt a proactive approach to energy conservation and use green materials for buildings as well as operations. There are several websites that provide expertise needed in energy management.

Save Energy

From changing energy use behavior, to planning a comprehensive energy management plan, and from retrofitting the existing commercial and industrial utilities; this resource has everything that you need to know to about conserving valuable energy. The website also suggests numerous ways to educate and engage residents and business owners to help local organizations implement energy efficiency projects in San Diego and California region.

San Diego County’s Energy Management Program
County of San Diego

This website is a one-stop destination to meet the energy management needs for commercial and municipal buildings. Including implementation of a Strategic Energy Plan for meeting long term and short term energy efficiency goals. Get details about various programs and projects run by San Diego County to minimize the energy usage in your building.

Energy Strategy for a Sustainable Future

Energy Strategy for Sustainable EnergyThis is a complete guide for industrial, commercial and residential buildings; including specific green building measures, how to promote renewable energy as well as means to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. For those who want specific information on different energy saving efforts, there are specific guidelines to implement and install new technologies to meet the energy efficiency goals.

Advantages of Going Solar
Go Solar California

Businesses looking for solar incentives, this resource is a great place to encourage them to harness the power of solar energy. This website provides complete information about different solar projects along with the savings as well as apprises about the upcoming events such as seminars, training etc.

Federal Energy Management Program

For federal agencies and municipal buildings, this website is the most significant resource to bring about change in energy usage as well as provide expertise in implementing energy management program.

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