Investing in Green Projects: Tangible and Intangible Benefits

Investing in Green Projects: Tangible and Intangible BenefitsSaving on energy bills is just one of the many advantages of going green. However, it may take a few months or even a year to realize the benefits. These benefits can include:

Positive Reputation

Companies that commit to going green often are popular amongst investors and the community. These companies are committed to green measures, reducing their utility bills while adopting a more pragmatic approach to energy efficiency. This undertaking includes reengineering their business processes and operations.  These companies also invest heavily in research and innovation reducing the overall cost of production. This gives them a competitive edge over other firms, attracting a host of new investors.

Employee Engagement

Low attrition rate and high employee morale is the music to the ears of any HR department. Oftentimes, companies that commit themselves to sustainable ways of operating the business have a high rate of employee productivity. Encouraging innovation is one of the many reasons for high employee morale.

Better Quality of Life

Green buildings that use special materials like solar window films protect residents and staff members from harmful UV rays, thus improving their overall health. Many California buildings are special LEED certified to provide better quality of life and reduce overall illness often caused by a lack of Vitamin D. This helps a building attract more tenants and higher rents in the long run. In commercial and industrial buildings, workers take less number of sick leaves improving productivity.

Investing in Green - Tax BenefitsTax Benefits

Other benefits for energy efficiency include tax rebates you can claim when filing for your taxes. Many California commercial property owners who install energy saving products such commercial window tinting and insulation already can claim tax deductions. If you are going for a massive green renovation, you can save as much as 30% of the total cost of installation and labor as a deduction from federal taxes.

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