Summer Tips for Saving Energy

Press 055Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to start preparing your home for the warmer months ahead.

Think of window film like your sunglasses. Both will protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, but film has the added benefit of reducing summer energy usage and keeping your electric bill low.

Saving energy during the summer is easy and cost-effective.  Follow these tried and true tips to save energy while reducing your energy costs.

  • Air conditioning is one of summer’s biggest energy drains. By setting the thermostat to 78 degrees or higher you can save up to 12% on cooling costs.
  • Everyone has an overhead fan or a box fan tucked away with those summer outfits. Using a portable or ceiling fan can help you save by circulating cool air and increasing air-conditioner efficiency.
  • Check your AC filters, are they dirty?  A dirty filter makes your AC work harder, draining energy and increasing costs.  Change dirty filters and mark your calendar with the recommended schedule for filter replacement.
  • Do you have drafty doors or windows? Precious cool air can escape from these tiny openings.  Protect against drafts using weather-stripping or caulk and you can save up to 5% on cooling costs.
  • DVRs, game consoles, coffee makers, and adapters for your phones and TVs draw power even when switched off!  Use power strips or unplug these electronics when not in use to stop them from adding to your energy costs.
  • Make sure when you switch out light bulbs to replace them with LED’s or CFL’s (compact fluorescent lights), which use up to 75% less energy than traditional fluorescent lights.
  • Pools and spas can be an oasis during hot summer months, but also a major drain on utilities.  By using coverings you can reduce head loss by up to 90%!
  • Filtering your pool can also raise your energy use and costs. Filter your pool for less when you switch to an energy-efficient, variable speed pool pump. SDG&E offers rebates!
  • SDG&E have online energy management tools.  Start saving and be energy conscious today!  Find all the rebates that you can take advantage of to save energy and reduce costs.

Saving energy and reducing costs this summer is easy, contact Eco Tint and Shade to get started!

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